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"BEAS is one of the famous rivers in Punjab"

GECOM is a manufacturing company under "MAKE IN INDIA" program funded by PMEGP (Prime Minister Employment Generation Program) under KVIC (Khadi & Village Industries Commission) by Govt of India. We are headed by experienced personals those were involved in Importing these type of equipment from overseas and there from got an idea of manufacturing better equipment to overcome the service issues as well saving the foreign currency. We are group of expertise that takes care of quality, testing & manufacturing. We are assisted & helped by CIPET & CRISP to get the difficult moulds done in tough conditions with limited means. Our electronic engineers made its program to match any multinational company’s product in the world. Our Mechanical engineers made it possible investing about 2 years to develop the product that will make Indians proud.


"Our mission is to provide Top of line product with all the features @ lower prices and instant After Sales Services through our associates based almost everywhere in the country. We want to stop outflow of foreign currency at least for Syringe Pumps. We are planning to come up with more products like ECG Machines & CPAP in near future."

  • Full fledge manufacturing unit based in the heart of country.
  • Guidance & support from leading Indian institutions like CIPET & CRISP.
  • We are also being supported by leading Doctors to suggest us more features in equipment.
  • We have designed & developed each & every part ourselves. So, no worries about the availability of parts / service.





  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Compatible with syringes of 5ml, 10/12ml, 30ml, 50/60ml.
  • Automatic Calibration of syringes.
  • 110mm LED/LCD colored display for better display.
  • Modes of working: Flow Rate Vs Solution Volume & Time Vs Solution Volume with automatic calculations.
  • Drug Library of more than 80 drugs can be customized & adjustable (Standard feature).
  • Weight Mode (Optional)
  • Built in rechargeable battery with 8 hrs backup
  • Automatically calculate time in Rate –Volume Mode & Rate in Time –Volume Mode.
  • Alarm Function: Occlusion, Near Empty, Low Battery, Infusion Over, Empty, Disengagement, Internal function, AC power Failure etc.
  • Three level of alarm sound: High Middle Low Variable Occlusion limited pressure: High Middle and Low.
  • KVO mode .
  • Purge/Bolus Function (Anti Bolus System).
  • Bolus rate programmable – upto1800 ml/hr (depends upon Syringe Size).
  • Standby Function
  • Vertically stackable (3-4pumps- Optional).
  • Bottom Loading Syringe Technique
  • Large Power Cable


  • Flow rate (Rate mode)
    • 50ml Syringe pump: 0.1-1500.00ml/hr (0.1ml/hr Step)
    • 20ml Syringe pump: 0.1-800.00ml/hr (0.1ml/hr Step)
    • 10ml Syringe pump: 0.1-400.00ml/hr (0.1ml/hr Step)
    • 05ml Syringe pump: 0.1-200.00ml/hr (0.1ml/hr Step.
  • Accuracy: +/-2% (after correct calibration)
  • Time Setting mode range:
    • Volume:0.1-199.9ml, 0.1ml step
    • Time : 1-1999min, 1 min step.
  • Volume limits range: 0-1999.9ml, 0.1 step
  • WBolus Volume: Bolus/Purge Setting according to syringe sizes
  • Power supply: AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz.
  • Net Weight: 2 kg Approx
  • Operating Ambient Temperature: 10-40 degree C Relative Humidity: 15-90%.
  • Storage Condition: Ambient Temperature 10-50 degree C, Relative Humidity 15-90%
  • Size: 235mmL X 110mm H X 175mm D